Introducing... The J Man!
Hi, I'm Jordan Nance, founder and President of the Amazingly Awesome Kids Club. Welcome to our clubhouse! Amazingly Awesome Kids Club is an idea that I created for us kids, to help us feel good about ourselves. And you know ... when you feel great, you do great things!

Thank you so much for stopping by. Take a look around. We have lots of cool stuff in the clubhouse. For starters, we have our Awesome Kid of the Month. Her name is Sumayyah, and she is an author. Yep, you read that right. SHE WROTE A BOOK! Also, check out the Awesome Info page, where you will find cool stories about awesome kids like us (and a few adults too). A few! Don't forget to check out my blog! That is where we can get to know each other. On my blog, I will talk about my opinion on things that matter to me.

I have some super exciting news! I wrote my own rap called "Amazingly Awesome," of course, and performed it at my school's variety show! Check out the video.


Last, but not least, JOIN THE CLUB!!! Go to the membership page, take the pledge and then download your official membership card. Thank you again for stopping by. I hope you will come back soon. 
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Be Amazing!

Be Awesome!

Be Amazingly Awesome!

Amazingly Awesome Kids Club

Promoting Self Esteem And Positive Behavior To Kids

.Welcome to our Clubhouse!